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The famous androgynous model Andrej Pejic and Sam H. Snyder have launched a new, exciting jewellery collaboration.

The special thing about this 10-piece collection is that, apart from offering a stunning range of rings, bracelets and necklaces, its profit will help the Ali Forney Center, a charity which tries to help homeless LGBT to find housing. Moreover all the pieces are “hi-tech”, as they are all 3-D printed.

Prices go from $150 to $500, with the exception of the necklace that can be yours for $1,900, and you can find the whole collection on sale here:


You know how much I like art exhibits, especially if they have to do with fashion. The one I’m going to talk about today celebrates one of the greatest icons in the fashion world.

'From Vera to Veruschka: The Unseen Photographs by Johnny Moncada', indeed, wants to bring to life the model image of the great Veruschka, in those years, 60s-70s, when her awesome body was everywhere and everyone wanted her. 

The exhibit will be open until June 1 at Somerset House in London (I will hopefully go and visit it :D) and shows some unreleased images, by Johnny Moncada, which will also be available in an accompanying book edited by Rizzoli.


April 6 - 10: this was the time in which Australian designers had the opportunity to show their collections at Australia Fashion Week in Sydney, for Spring/Summer 2014-2015.

After a long time that this hasn’t happened, I was finally impressed by the quality of the designs and by the general taste level. 

Aussie designers seem to be modern and projected towards the future but without taking to the extremes the style they want to portray; they’re minimalistic, for example, but without being too simple. And a good thing is that every collection seemed to me conceptual but anyway down-to-earth at the same time; there was a huge amount of creativity but there was always a “wearable” dimension in every runway show.

From top left the collections I liked the most (I actually chose something like twenty collections, but I had to make a further choice for reasons of space): By Johnny, Asanovski, Gabriel Lee, Galanni, Haryono Setiadi, Hayley Dawson, Maticevski, Michael Lo Sordo, Yousef Akbar.


Under the Gunn: FINALE!!!

In the last episode it was time for the final decision with judges crowning the WINNER of this crazy first season of Project Runway: Under the Gunn. And to do it, designers had to create a five-piece collection showing their inspiration.

Things were completely mixed up in my opinion, and people I expected to be in the top, were at the bottom, or vice-versa. But in the end, the outcome made everyone happy. Before starting talking about the collections, can I say I was in AWE when I saw Heidi Klum? I JUST FUCKING LOVE HER! <3

I totally agree with the decision of the judges to crown Oscar as the winner. His collection was just flawless - as usual - and even if I got the impression his idea of fashion is the classical one made of elegance and stunning gowns, he manages to turn everything into something new and, sometimes, unexpected. Again, I can’t help thinking that he seemed totally tasteless in the first episode. And then, look at him, the acclaimed deserving winner of the first season of Under the Gunn. Congrats!

It was unbelievable even for me, but my second favourite was Asha! I really thought her Queen Nefertiti living in Harlem inspiration could either turn out to be awesome or cheap - at first I was gravitating more towards the second option - but then she came out with an exquisite varied but cohesive collection that I really appreciated. Of course this was not enough to make her win, and I was deadly afraid when I saw that the judges liked her collection too. Anyway, I am honest, so I admit her collection was very good (that kimono is just ridiculously awesome).

Sam stayed true to his aesthetic and at the same time he managed to present different styles: bohemian, chic, minimal. I loved the spark of yellow in the garments, it was just THAT one detail which makes everything more special. But at the end of the day, even if I love extreme simplicity, his garments were too simple in a context like the finale of Under the Gunn. Anyway, I liked it :)

Shan. I am deeply disappointed in him. I recognise his effort and his inspiration - even if I find it too predictable, like Sam said “This lace and leather concept, it can be pretty, but as soon as Britney Spears writes a song about something, it’s over”. The problem was not in my opinion, like the judges said, that he made too much. The problem was the overall inspiration, good, but already seen two million times; and it’s normal that such an inspiration doesn’t allow you to create a new collection. This makes me pretty angry, because Shan was the best designer overall. Pity :(

The mentor paired with the winning designer, in this case Nick, won as well, and it couldn’t really go better: he was not the best judge at the beginning, but he learnt to give space to his designers and at least he was not as bitchy as the other two - I’ll never forget how they treated Nathalia, poor thing. And he never won anything, while Anya won Project Runway and Mondo won Project Runway All Stars. Good job, grandpa Nick :D

So, here’s the end of our journey with Under the Gunn. Thank you for reading my reviews, at least the few people who actually did it, and all I can say to put an end to this is NOW GIVE ME A NEW SEASON OF PROJECT RUNWAY.

I’m completely addicted.


"i am OTHER" is the name of the new collection born from the collaboration between the low cost giant Uniqlo and rapper Pharrell Williams.

After filling the whole world with happiness with his hit - ça va sans dire - “Happy”, the singer tries another shot with this collection of t-shirts (for both men and women) and baseball caps which will be launched in stores in exactly two weeks, on April 24. But if you can’t wait, keep in mind the collection hits the only shop on April 15.

Prices are of course really cheap, going from £ 12 to 15. 

Frankly? I would NEVER buy a t-shirt with the message “The same is lame”. It’s just lame.


Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen released an edgy and dark collection she designed with the French brand Zadig & Voltaire, with a tomboyish vibe which really suits her personal style.

The collection will help the fundation Médecins Sans Frontières with 40% of the profits.


Good morning! Or maybe it’s the case to say BOM DIA!

Yes, because I’m going to talk about São Paulo Fashion Week which was held in the Brazilian metropolis from March 31 to April 4. I’m a little bit late with this review, but I remembered about it only yesterday, so I hurried to watch all the runways online.

If you’re one of my few constant readers - very few actually - you’ll probably remember how much I loved the fall collections from São Paulo Fashion Week last summer. Well, I must renew my love for Brazilian fashion because these Summer 2015 collections totally lived up to my expectations!

There was  a wide variety of styles, prints, textiles, everything you can possibly imagine, always presented in a fashionable way. I’m more and more amazed at how fashionable Brazil is becoming and how talented its designers are. And what’s more, guest star of the event was Gisele walking the runway for Colcci! Above you can see the photos of my favourite collections.

From top left: Amapô, Alexandre Herchcovitch Men, Colcci, Forum, Lolitta, Osklen, Paula Raia, Reinaldo Lourenço, Ronaldo Fraga.



It was really hard to choose the best dressed for last week, it seemed no one had a strong fashionable look. At last, then, I figured out some cool girls who kinda deserved to be in my list.

I usually don’t like denim as a textile when it’s not used to make trousers, but Jourdan Dunn made the most of this Balmain dress with her fabulous body. Shaileene Woodley was sexy and cool in Berlin with an extremely elegant Zuhair Murad gown, but guess what was my favourite element in the look? The fact the she was walking barefoot!

Taylor Swift proves again to be a very tasteful girl with this ensemble including a Steven Alan top, a bag by J. Mendel and shoes by Isabel Marant. And finally, for the first time, Kim Kardashian makes it to the top best dressed! It seemed impossible before today (I really question her taste level in general), but this dress (I don’t know who designed it) and the Gucci shoes were a perfect contrast to the traditional Thai background in the photo. I just don’t understand why she’s always dressed in white: it makes her look even fatter than she is already!


Under the Gunn - Episode 12: Superhero Fashion

Semifinal guys! This time the four designers left had to create a look inspired by SUPERHEROES! Each one of them picked a comic character (I can’t remember now who picked who, but anyway, is this important? It’s 2.34 am here, no way I’m going to check) and of course one important rule was NOT MAKING COSTUMES. 

I know this will be very unpopular among the very few people who read my Project Runway reviews, but the best of this week was Asha for me. I really think you can see a very strong inspiration from her hero - a guy with a pair of wings - without being too literal. The top part is just exquisite, and I was mesmerised by the flowing of the chiffon on the back, giving a movement that really reminded me of wings. The leather trousers are really superhero-ish, but at the same time very wearable and in contrast with the sweetness of the top. Very, very good job. In a challenge like this you can easily go very far away with the design, but she managed to stay simple fulfilling the challenge anyway. 

I also know this will probably be even more unpopular, but my decision for the worst of the week was Oscar. I must say that I think all four designers did a good job during this week’s challenge, but at the same time Oscar was the weakest without any doubts. Apart from the coat, that I found supercool, the suit that the model is wearing is really too costumy, and I can say when they announced the topic for the challenge I was worried about Oscar. I mean, it could have been a cute edgy women suit if only he had sewn the sleeves to the wrist point. With those flowing sleeves, instead, it really looks like a costume used for, I don’t know, X-Men!

At the end of all, I was pleased to see that all four are advancing to the finale. I still think Asha is a BITCH and I want to slap her every time I see her face, but after this look they just couldn’t send her home. And they definitely couldn’t send Oscar home after the great things he did during the show. They could have maybe sent Sam home, but the amazing thing about his looks - and especially his creation for this last challenge - is that they are all very conceptual but fresh at the same time. You couldn’t see the superhero inspiration in his look this time, and yet there was something, like the dark painted part on the back of his top, which told a story. You can’t send home a designer who has this ability to create a whole world in such a subtle way.

But I haven’t talked yet about the designer who pleased me the most throughout the season: Shan. It would be useless to say that he’s my favourite and I want him to be the winner. Maybe his looks aren’t as impeccable as Oscar’s - even if Shan is really close to Oscar as for precision in construction - and his clothes can seem a little too “direct” compared to Sam’s. But in general, he has a little of what every other designer has. And what’s more important, he has a tremendous chance of growth. I don’t care if his win would mean Anya’s win too - and after how Mondo and Anya started a fuss against Natalia, they shouldn’t be allowed to win. I just don’t think mentors are as important as the designers, at least in this context. So, GO SHAN!

The team situation is the same as last week; no best and no worst this week, only four designers advancing to the finale :D


Russia Fashion Week was held in Moscow from March 27 to April 1 - yesterday.

And today I’m here to talk about the best collections of this Russian fashion week. In general I had the impression the Russian designers (as well as Ukrainian) dared more than the Chinese designers I talked about yesterday in my post for China Fashion Week. In general it was a very pleasant surprise to find such a vibrant atmosphere in Russia with a huge choice of styles: from minimal to dark, to really colourful and playful collections.

In the photos above there are looks from the collections I liked the most. From top left: Bessarion, Alena Akhmadullina, Dasha Gauser, Laroom, Poetry of Fashion by Marina Rimer, Poustovit, Vassa & Co., Yasya Minochkina, XakaMa.


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